Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Obama Governance Plan

Through keen observation, and especially by just listening to Obama speak, here is my understanding of the Obama Governance Plan:

Phase 1: "Chicken Little"
Begin by convincing Americans that they are in imminent economic danger, by throwing out words like "catastrophe", "insecurity", and especially "recession". In spite of the fact that 90% of Americans aren't really feeling any economic insecurity, if the President and prominent Congress people repeat those phrases often enough, the mood in the country will turn sour and the people will be primed for government "help".

Phase 2: "Everything But the Kitchen Sink"
Once a significant portion of the American people have been whipped into a frenzy of concern over the "recession", present a massive "stimulus" bill as the solution that needs to be passed RIGHT NOW. Don't try to understand it, don't debate it, don't even bother reading it. PASS IT RIGHT NOW. Don't worry about the fact that the bill actually contains little or no actual stimulus; its only important that it contains every Liberal wish list item that couldn't possibly pass on its own, or even together in a more rational environment.

Phase 3: "Smash and Grab"
Having created a skyrocketing deficit, printing money like there's no tomorrow, and generally decimating the stock market in only slightly more than 30 days, explain to the American people that the deficits are so high that the government is forced to take more of their money by raising taxes. Don't bother pointing out that the reason the deficits are so high and the stock market is so low is the shockingly high spending from Phase 2, just decry the massive 10% of GDP deficit, the highest since World War II as a percentage of GDP, and explain that "we'll all have to make sacrifices..." (...in order to afford the items on the Liberal wish list. Make sure NOT to say this last part out loud.) This should be sufficient for multiple tax increases on the "rich", with ever expanding definitions of "rich", and in spite of the fact that those people being penalized are the ones CREATING THE JOBS in America.

Phase 4: "Coup de Grace"
Finally, having decimated the economy by cranking up inflation to levels not seen since the Carter Administration, and destroying the American job base by damaging the ability of the private sector to create jobs and be productive, use the real recession that has been created to ram through additional "government help", like socialized medicine, vastly expanded welfare (otherwise known as paying people not to work), and the nationalization of entire industries.

Viola! In less than a year, you've utterly decimated the most vibrant, highest productivity economy in the world, and created the largest dependent class in the history of our nation.

I don't know if we will ever recover from four years of this man...

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