Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ethanol is Destroying Our Economy

What have we done?

Ethanol as a fuel source is less efficient, more expensive, worse for the environment, and completely incapable of resolving our energy needs. Why are we subsidizing its production and mandating its use? The price of corn has doubled over the last several years, and the cost of wheat has tripled. This is directly related to the diversion of American grain yields to the production of Ethanol, rather than contributing to our food supply. The price increases have spread into most of our foodstuffs, yielding significant inflation increases that are exacerbating the already inflationary pressures of high oil prices. What's worse, the Ethanol being produced isn't even close to enough to have any effect whatsoever on the demand for petroleum-based fuels. Its a double whammy: instead of only having to suffer through high oil prices, the U.S. economy is struggling to deal with high oil prices AND ever increasing food prices with no end in sight.

Don't just take my word for it. Check out the facts here, here, and here.

Please contact your representatives in Congress and demand that all subsidies and mandates for Ethanol be eliminated immediately, for the good of the nation. If you want to make a statement while driving, check out this bumper sticker I've put together.