Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shameful History of the Democratic Party

The next time a liberal tries to tell you that the Democratic Party is the party of Civil Rights, and that Republican are bigots, direct them to this official report produced by the state of North Carolina regarding a Democratic Party-instigated white supremacy riot in Wilmington, North Carolina, at about the turn of the last century:


From Bruce Bartlett's recent comments on the report:

The culmination of the Democrats' racist campaign was a riot throughout Wilmington on Election Day. Many died, and all the Republican municipal officials, whose terms didn't expire until the next election, were forced to resign at gunpoint. Democrats retook control and quickly moved to cement their power by arresting prominent Republicans and driving others out of the city permanently.

It has always been conservatives and the Republicans who promote the issues and policies that will protect civil rights and promote economic and social equality, including equality of opportunity, for all.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree that "liberal" and "conservative" have both come to mean something very different from their classical definitions. In my postings here, I intend their more modern, generally understood meanings, as applied to current politics.

I agree also that Democrat and liberal aren't necessarily synonyms, although I think you'll agree that the preponderance of liberals (in the modern sense) do, in fact, identify themselves as supporters of the Democratic Party.

Thanks very much for the opportunity to clarify.