Friday, February 11, 2005

The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

Wow. What a great start to a second term. President Bush and the conservatives have really racked up a number of big victories over the last weeks and months. Consider:

1) Super successful elections in Iraq. No one predicted that they would go as well as they did. The Iraqis are showing the world that they really want to take control of their country.

2) Federal legislation to control outrageous class action lawsuits easily passed the Senate yesterday. The House will pass it easily as well, and Bush will sign it. The legislation is intended to put an end to the regular "shake-down" of large businesses perpetrated often by venue-shopping trial attorneys who almost always come away from the suit with a lot more money in their pocket than the supposed "plaintiffs" receive.

3) The House of Representatives has passed immigration legislation that was left out of the intelligence reform bill passed recently that will provide uniform standards for the issuance of driver's licenses and will allow the federal government to build a fence along the border with Mexico. The first priority for Homeland Defense has to be getting control of our borders and illegal immigration.

4) And in my own home state of Georgia, both the state Senate and the state House have passed tort reform legislation to limit the amount of non-economic damages awarded in medical liability lawsuits. The bills will be reconciled and sent to the governor for a signature, which he'll provide.

Next up, saving Social Security. Its a great time to be an American...

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